Brink Property Management Limited provides a range of services to our clients, which ensure that the block's common areas are well maintained and professionally administered. In doing so, the 'longevity' of the building is preserved. Essentially, our services consist of the following:

Block Management

Physical services

  • Common area cleaning.
  • Common area maintenance.
  • Managing repair work by reputable (and known) contractors.
  • Bi-annual window (external) and carpet cleaning (if applicable).
  • 24 hour maintenance service for emergencies (electrical, plumbing etc).
  • Refuse removal management.
  • Electronic gates and doors maintenance management.
  • Lift maintenance management (if applicable).
  • Fire system (regulations) management.
  • Health and safety analysis and report.
  • Weekly site visits (at least).
  • Ensure tenants adhere to the building's rules and regulations.
  • Confrontation with tenants who are responsible for 'untidy behaviour' and 'noise disturbance'.

Administrative services

  • Budget preparation and annual levy collection.
  • Co-ordinating payments (to contractors) of common area costs (electricity, waste etc).
  • Co-ordinating insurance payments and related claims, unless agreed otherwise with the management committee of the building.
  • Organising the AGM.
  • Working with the elected auditors re the annual financials.
  • Comment on the annual financials at the AGM.
  • A bi-annual report to be delivered to the management committee/board.